2006    B.F.A., The University Of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX



Radiant Void, Gray Contemporary, Houston, TX


Channelizing, Flecker Gallery, Suffolk County Community College, NY (with Rachael Gorchov)

Nonspecific Spaces, Simuvac Projects, Brooklyn, NY (with Rachael Gorchov)


Disruption, Gray Contemporary, Houston, TX (with Emma Langridge)


A Holy Mountain, 325 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, NY


After Your Revolution, NCGV, New York, NY


I Remember Rainbows, NCGV, New York, NY

 Dead Angel, Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


New Work, Gallery E at UTSA, San Antonio, TX

 Good Boy, Cactus Bra, San Antonio, TX



Radiant, Odetta Gallery, New York, NY

Mystic Pizza, LABspace, Hillsdale, NY

Unlikely Materials and the Language of Art, Krasdale Galleries, White Plains, NY


Sun Worshipers and Solar Machines, FPAC, Boston, MA

 Envisioning Natural Forces, Key Projects, Queens, NY

The Flat Files: Year Six, TSA New York, Brooklyn, NY


Group Show, Gray Contemporary, Houston, TX


In The Details, SEABA Center, Burlington, Vermont

 Monuments In Reverse, 245 Varet, Brooklyn, NY

The Flat Files: Year Four, TSA New York, Brooklyn, NY

 Lunacy, Ortaga y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY

 Meddwl, The Parlour Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Modern Arts and Crafts, Eastside International, Los Angeles, CA

 Show 10, c2c Gallery at the Spring Break Art Fair, New York, NY


The Violent Study Club, Stout Projects, Brooklyn, NY

 Temple of Vates, HKJB, Brooklyn, NY

 Static Cling 2, BAM, Brooklyn, NY

 Pulled, c2c Gallery, San Francisco, CA

 Material Attraction, NYIT Gallery 61, New York, NY


Exhibition 12.13.14, Gray Contemporary, Houston, TX

 Good Morning Midnight, Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ

 Triangles, Ventana244, Brooklyn, NY

 Water!, Spread Art at Detroit Contemporary, Detroit, MI

 The Flat Files: Year Two, TSA New York, Brooklyn, NY

 Industry Industry, All Angels, New York, NY

 Second Family, 2 Rivington St, New York, NY

 Family Style, Formerly Pocket Utopia, New York, NY


End Times, The Sphinx, New York, NY


Dry Bones, B.A.L.M., Lawrence, KS

 TRANS-parent TRANS-lucent, B.A.L.M., Lawrence, KS

 Portable Caves, New York, NY